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YUNFEILIU Menstrual Cup – Best Alternative Protection to Tampons and Cloth Sanitary Napkins by YUNFEILIU Check Price >

1. how to use a diva cup Review – YUNFEILIU Menstrual Cup – Best Alternative Protection to Tampons and Cloth Sanitary Napkins

YUNFEILIU Menstrual Cup - Best Alternative Protection to Tampons and Cloth Sanitary Napkins

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    This fits your .
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  • THAT TIME OF THE MONTH DOES NOT HAVE TO BE MESSY OR PAINFUL! This period cup goes in easy and fit snugly. You won’t even know it’s there. It is also easy to clean and sanitise.
  • NEVER BUY TAMPONS OR SANITARY TOWELS AGAIN!Be eco-friendly as well as economical. Buy this set of two menstruation cups and you’ll be free to live your life without worrying about having paper female sanitary products on hand during your period.
  • DON’T WORRY YOU’RE SAFE. Made with 100% medical grade silicone, this menstrual cup is completely safe. It is more flexible and lighter than most period cups made from other materials.
  • NO MUSS, NO FUSS!When inserted properly, this period cup will not leak, even while you’re active. You can even sleep with it. How convenient!
  • If you have or are experiencing any gynaecological problems please discontinue using your cup immediately and consult a physician. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort while wearing your cup, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Ingredients:100% Medical Grade Silicone
Safety Warning Menstrual cups are not a contraceptive device and will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. Do not have sexual intercourse while your Menstrual Cup is inserted. Do not use menstrual cups for post-natal bleeding. Your menstrual cup should not be worn for longer than 12 consecutive hours. You must handle your menstrual cup with clean hands. Keep your menstrual cup away from damaging agents, pets, children and direct sun light. Keep your menstrual cup clean at all times.
Directions Depending on Menstrual Flow, Empty your menstrual cup 2-5 times daily. Can be worn safely overnight. Upon emptying, just rinse your Dutchess Cup with water. Sterilization can be achieved simply by boiling the silicone cups for 5 minutes before every monthly period, or by using a quality sterilizing liquid.
Enjoy A Peaceful Period with Reusable Sanitary Menstrual Cups.
Most women agree that menstrual cycles are annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. This super comfortable cup in size A will fit any woman who has had a child naturally. The flexible sides of the cup has air holes for suction that will grip your cervix. When inserted correctly, you won’t feel it at all. The tip extends long enough to make removal easier. The extra soft silicone cup fits best in woman with longer torsos but will absolutely fit any woman.

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