Advanced List Building Strategies For the Internet Marketer

Advanced List Building Strategies For the Internet Marketer

The Internet is packed with list building strategies that are tailor made for the new marketer. However, the advanced marketer, after picking the low hanging fruit, often discovers that that they need more “creative” strategies to continue the rapid growth of their lists. In the following sections, we will explore several “advanced” list building strategies that marketers can add to their list building repertoire.

Paid Coregistration

Coregistration has recently become a popular topic in Internet Marketing circles. A coregistration program is essentially an agreement by two or more publishers to register subscribers by sharing on their opt-in subscription forms.

The advantage of Paid Registration is that the marketer is insured of getting a large influx of traffic once the paid registration arrangement has been brokered.

Although Paid Coregistration can be very effective, it is not a technique for beginning marketers. Due to the large upfront investment required to get started, it is recommended that the marketer only use this tool once they are comfortable with the financial risks involved.

Free Coregistration

Free coregistration programs are a great way to test coregistration without the upfront investment. Free coregistration is a program where participants embed a small line of code on their website. The embedded code displays a form where several publisher newsletters are shown along with their subscriber links.

For the beginning marketer, Free coregistration programs are great ways to learn the fundamentals of creating a profitable list. Many programs exist on the Internet that are free to join and provide excellent tutorials and instructions for the new marketer.

However, Free Coregistration can be used by the advanced marketer as well. Advanced marketers can often leverage their existing subscriber lists to build free credits that are converted into targeted traffic.

Also, many professional marketers create their own free coregistration services and offer them to the customers as an added value gift. This arrangement allows the marketer to use the viral nature of their coregistration service to exponentially grow their subscriber lists.

Viral List Builders

An interesting twist is to connect the power of matrix programs with a free coregistration program. Viral List Builders get their power from helping the user to quickly grow a downline of referrals who in turn market the list building site to their friends, colleagues, and customers.

As the user’s downline increases, their free advertising opportunities increase exponentially. Unlike simple free coregistration services, Viral List builders have sophisticated downline matrices and incentives built into the processes of the list.

Since these lists are very similar to Multi-Level-Marketing programs, advanced marketers with a “network marketing” background often favor viral list builders. Without exception, viral list building programs are an excellent way for novice and advanced marketers alike to generate effective and responsive subscriber lists.

Joint Ventures

Joint Venture arrangements are what I call “List Transfers”. A joint venture is an agreement between a publisher and a “JV Partner” – where the JV partner promotes the publishers product to their list in exchange for a hefty commission. As you see, the affiliate is basically renting their list in return for a commission ( a stealth paid coregistration).

It is common for marketers to quickly gain 1000 – 2000 subscribers through a correctly structured and promoted Joint Venture arrangement. The one point, that newer marketers should consider is that a JV arrangement works best if the marketer has invested the time in building the right relationships and an attractive product offer.

Pay Per Click

Using Pay Per Click to build a list is not for the faint of heart. The reason why this technique is tricky is that you must be confident in your site’s ability to convert visitors into subscribers. However, if you are confident in your site’s lead generation ability then Pay Per Click is an excellent choice for building a list quickly.

Pay Per Click is attractive to advanced marketers because it is easy to implement, track, and refine for optimum effectiveness. The advanced marketer also has the financial resources to maximize the reach of an Pay Per Click campaign, often times bidding on thousands of keywords in order to saturate a niche.

On the other hand, new marketers must be careful to watch the Pay Per Click campaigns to insure that they don’t “bust” their budget before they can optimize their text ads and landing pages for maximum effectiveness. I recommend “training” on tier – 2 Pay Per Click exchanges before making a major financial investment in Google AdWords or Yahoo’s pay per click program.

Any one or a combination of these techniques will yield impressive results for the Advanced and the brave beginning marketer alike.

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