Easy Internet Money – Dream or Fact?

Easy Internet Money - Dream or Fact?

Stay at home mom’s, retired people, young people, unemployed people and virtually anyone that needs to earn some extra income can do it on the internet. Easy internet money is not a pipe dream or a fantasy, but a fact. The nature of making money online means that it is passive in nature. Like a money vending machine, when your work is complete and you have refined everything, you can leave it alone and it will continue to make money for you and this is why it is seen as “easy internet money” You earn it by doing the work once, and it keeps paying into the future.

The advantage to this passive cash flow is two-fold. First it gives you more time to do the things you enjoy doing and second, with the free time, you may duplicate your work because unlike a real job, you are not paid by the hour but by the work you have already done. This means that compounding your money into a larger amount is relatively simple and you can actually simply decide which amount will be acceptable to you and work to re-produce your results until this level of income is achieved. From there you can keep working or do what you want. Go fishing, go on holiday, stay out late and sleep in late, it matters little to your income.

That’s why its called easy internet money. To earn money on the internet you need three things. A way to get visitors, a product and a way for people to buy the product. The product can be a service, a physical product that you ship or the interesting third option is to serve larger corporations as a component in their machine. In this way you receive the benefit of an easy passive income without all the work.

For example Google the search engine have a product called Google adsense. You get paid every time someone clicks an advertisers link on your website or blog. The value of the click can be as little as a few cents or can be $40 or more for just one click. This value is set by the advertiser that pays Google and some advertisers have been known to set their AdWords account to $200 or more per click. It just depends on the advertisers return on investment.

The above is just one example, there are various ways to earn some real money on the internet. Another example would be million dollar corporations that have a product which need help selling that product. Unlike the real world where sourcing and buying product is cumbersome and expensive, with these types of corporations, you need not out lay a single cent. All you have to do is focus on getting visitors to their expensive and glossy marketing materials.

A simple system of link coding independently keeps track of your sales so all you need do is set up your method of getting new visitors and sit back while their marketing materials do all the work. It is not easy to find these million dollar corporations, but when you find them, you discover commissions of 75% This is not a rare percentage but fairly typical so for example if their advertising materials show the product costs $100 you receive a full $75 for the sale and this can happen 10 or 20 times a day, every day, even Sundays.

Such is the nature of earning money on the internet. You may have seen unlikely claims in your travels surfing the internet where they say things like…”Earn $1000 a day online” You may have investigated or you may have just laughed with incredulity. But chances are this may have been what they were talking about. Sell 10 or 15 products at $75 commission and you do the math. But of course when I say “sell” I don’t mean that you have to do any selling at all. Online, it is all about numbers and conversions. So if you can drive 100 new visitors to a website, you may convert 2 out of those 100 people daily into a sale. Because the company’s sales materials are so good. So your only real job is to drive new visitors. Increase your visitors and you increase your income. It’s that simple.

Those are just 2 method’s or “business models” as examples of how easy internet money is made. There are many others. The truth is earning easy internet money is as easy as falling off a log. It is not fantasy and certainly not a lie. To earn easy internet money you only need to get some good information and a willingness to do some work in your spare time. Oh, you thought you wouldn’t have to do any work? I said it’s easy, I didn’t say money was going to magically start appearing in your bank account. 🙂

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