How to Get Paid Signups in Your Network Marketing Business For Free

How to Get Paid Signups in Your Network Marketing Business For Free

If you have to get paid signups in your network marketing business, it can be a problem and a big headache. Before anyone will join your business opportunity, they have 3 needs that have to be addressed.

1) How are they going to generate endless leads;

2) How are they going to make immediate cash and

3) How are they going to be trained and train the distributors that signup in their business.

Satisfying these needs will bring more signups into your business.

1. The need for endless lead generation

It is the lack of meeting the these needs that contribute to the high failure rates for new networkers looking to make money in an online business. Lets look at the need for endless leads. For you to have paid signups in your network marketing business, it will take a lead generation system that is capable of generating leads 24/7 automatically…hands off. It is estimated that you need at least 50 leads per/day to even think about being a full time networker. Most of the leads you generate will never be a signup in your business.

2. The need for immediate cash

One thing most people under estimate is the cost for starting and maintaining a network marketing business. Your lack of paid signups can be reflected in the initial out of pocket money and the ongoing advertising and monthly expenses of running an online business. You need a MLM Network Marketing prospecting system that has affordable if not free multiple streams of income affiliate programs that are in demand. Some “free programs” end up being multiple streams of debt instead of multiple streams of income.

3.The need for training

When you get paid signups in your business, if you don’t have a way to train them duplicatable marketing skills that can be trained in to the new distributors they recruit, you will have the “dwindling downline” sickness in your organization. Your marketing system must be easy to setup, easy to train, easy to market and easy on the pocket book.When you violate any of these 4 “e”s, you will find your self losing your signups because you introduced another hassle into the prospects life.

Getting paid signups into your network marketing business for free is all about meeting the needs of the prospect and not about selling or closing the prospect. Prospects are real people who need real solutions for their problems. When you address the need to generate endless needs, immediate cash flow and marketing training, you will never ever have to pay for signups because they will be paying you! If you’re are struggling getting signups visit the authors website for a solution.

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