How to Make Money on the Internet – Part 3 of 7 Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Ads

How to Make Money on the Internet - Part 3 of 7 Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click Ads

When a set of key words and phrases are placed with the right frequency on your website, resulting in a #1 page rank on Google, this is called Search Engine Optimization. The Links appearing on the right side, called sponsored links are paid for links by advertisers and termed as PPC advertising. Being on the 1st page of Google gives confidence to your reader, and in the long run is what you should aim for.

There are many instances when sites are optimized with the right frequency of key words that attract visitors but still don’t convert to paying customers. It could be any reason, perhaps the sales letter copy needs work or you’re not capturing your visitor’s details and following up with them with an auto responder. Fortunately, these are areas that can be corrected quickly.

What’s more alarming is, what if the niche you are targeting is simply not an area where you can make money online, and your site has already been optimized for it over the last 3 months. That’s 90 days lost. Not to mention the efforts you would have made in creating back links to your site.

Quick illustration no 1, you have an interest in golf and your gut feeling tells you that XXX golf clubs are going to be a hot item to sell. You start building your site around the keyword “XXX golf clubs” to have a good Google ranking, only to find that your free search engine visitors don’t buy clubs online. Most of them prefer to purchase XXX golf clubs in shops where they can physically touch and feel the product.

Scenario number 2. You locate a good info product that has had great success on the internet. Let’s call it “The Art of Making Money Online”. You invest a small amount in paid advertising and find that this product sells well because it is quickly available by download and its customers have credit cards. Now that you know the sale of the Ebooks covers the expenses of your PPC advertising, it is a worthwhile to embark on your SEO campaign.

So, make money on the internet by 1st doing a litmus test on about 10 targeted keywords and check the sales results before incorporating them into your website. That way, you can build a SEO optimized website with key words and phrases that centre around a niche of paying customers who can afford to purchase what you have to offer.

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