How to Make Your Own Crypto Faucet(earn 1-2 $ daily)

How to Make Your Own Crypto Faucet(earn 1-2 $ daily)

Hello today I will tell you how to make your own cryptocurrency faucet.

That pay in faucet pay for Express Crypto

first download the file that I have given in the description

go to C panel
open your file manager go to public _ HTML
upload the file in zip format go to the folder that you want to upload
extract the file open the folder move the files to the folder that you want go back
go to c panel again and make a database name your database and database user
I have already created the database so I will add the user I am adding the user.
different hosting providers have different methods
go to your file manager and open config.php
save the changes if you have the hosting name then added otherwise remain localhost a
dd your database user name database password database name
Go to your website
as I have created already so mine is looking like this for you you will get a password copy that password and save it with with the the dot at last otherwise it will not work then click on continue and put in the password that you copied Go to admin.php you can do all the settings here you can change the settings here and all the settings you can see how to do the chatting in the video
Download The Script:


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Hey there! My name is Dan and i have successfuly earning online since 2010. I own different projects online that will be presented on this blog. I am a php and android developer currently building crypto platforms and applications.

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