Pay Per Click Advertising 2.0 – Make Every Single Ad Word Make Money Today!

Pay Per Click Advertising 2.0 - Make Every Single Ad Word Make Money Today!

If you know that PPC stand for pay per click, then you probably already know enough to know this is the way of getting your content to your niche audience. What do you FEEL when you hear pay per click? I’m going to say this and I hope you brace yourself for the boom…

“Pay per click advertising is the fastest way to MAKE money online in your niche!”

If you cringe at the notion that pay per click advertising is expensive and only for those with deep advertising budgets, then please read on. The biggest myths in pay per click advertising is that the costs to be #1 is unattainable by the average Joe and that good old fashioned off-line marketing techniques do not translate well into online success.

Google has set the standard that all other search engines follow in the age of the Web 2.0. The fact that Google charges for ad campaigns as well as pays people for displaying their ads shows that the real power in social sharing. Each year Google makes billions in advertising revenue that is shared with its millions of advertisers in the form of AdSense. Because of this public sharing, Google has the biggest fan base of advertisers in the world.

Notice I said Fan base. Making online pay per click marketing moves solely on price makes you a mere customer of Google, Yahoo, and etc. Customers simply pay for a product or service without receiving any added value. This is an expensive way to market. This transactional relationship ends there.

Clients of Google use other products and services from Google such as Google Analytics to track the performance of the website and blogs. Clients also go to Google for research and advice using Google Trends and the upcoming Google Insights and other programs. By the way, I recommend you sign up for the Google Adplanner beta program. It’s free but available by invite only. (Only available to Google AdWord, AdSense and Analytics account holders for now.) Google has become a resource that you consult for advice to help properly construct a campaign that is both cost effective and drives the targeted traffic you seek back to your niche website or blog. As a client you would no doubt be using Google AdSense to get paid a commission for other Google advertisements displaying relevant information on your site and driving traffic to those links. So and an avid user of both Google AdWords and AdSense, you feel good a client partnering with Google, but you still SPEND more money marketing than you make with AdSense,right?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. The reason Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and others are successful is why you going to make your AdWords make money. The fans of these social networking sites flourish because of their friends. Fans share a common interest, and tell others (read free marketing) about that interest. You are certainly not the only person targeting a specific market segment with your product or service. If you can assemble at least 10 similar clients of Google (fans would be better) in your niche market to jointly attack a specific AdWord. You joint venture page, blog, article, etc. can bring the group a #1 page ranking for that keyword or phrase and cost everyone in the group less being together. For you the sponsor of this group you can price the shares of your virtual internet marketing real estate so that YOU pay nothing or maybe even make a profit on the joint venture. Consider it giving 10 of your closet football buddies a ride to the game and charging each of them enough gas money you cover the gas needed to drive fast enough to arrive FIRST at the gate plus get you into the game for FREE!

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