Pay Per Click Optimisation: Pay Per Click Vs Natural Listings

Pay Per Click Optimisation: Pay Per Click Vs Natural Listings

So which is the better option, pay per click listings or working towards strong natural listings? This answer depends on you and what you want to achieve in the long run. From my point of view, I would look at using both methods of optimisation with a technique that changes as time progresses. Let me explain…

For those who are not quiet sure what pay per click listings are, they are the listings that appear before all the natural search results for a particular search. To appear in those positions, a set amount must be paid for each time a user clicks on your link. For the website owners who have just built a new website or have a very low search engine visibility, ppc is a great option to get your website indexed and to start receiving quality traffic, provided you have the necessary funds to cater for all the clicks. Daily budgets can be set so you do not overspend on your ppc account.

What about achieving a strong presence in the natural listings? This is a very important point not to overlook. The most obvious reason being is you do not have to pay for each time someone clicks on your link. Pay per click is the fast and easy option however, over a long period of time the amount of money spent can add up to a large sum. So it would be very wise to take on search engine optimisation for your website to achieve those strong natural listings.

As time progresses and your website starts to built a strong reputation within the search engines, pay per click optimisation spends can be cut for the keyword phrases where you are at the top of the competition. If you are satisfied with your incoming traffic from the natural listings, then pay per click optimisation can be stopped completely. In my opinion, I would recommend to continue running ppc listings for those keyword phrases where a strong presence has yet to be made in the natural listings.

To recap, until a strong search engine presence is made in the natural listings, pay per click optimisation is strongly recommended. As time progresses and your website gains more popularity within the search engines, ppc optimisation spends should be reduced or can be stopped. At this stage, your focus will be primarily on keeping your natural listings at the top of the competition and seeing that it has all paid off in the end.

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