Top 10 Crypto Faucets for 2022

Top 10 Crypto Faucets for 2022

Hey! Time to talk about the Best Crypto Faucets right now for 2022, i did one of these videos last year nominating my top 10, but since some sites have shut down or become worse, so i decided to cash in and make a new updated video. Remember this is free Crypto, have realistic expectations. #Crypto #CryptoCurrency #Bitcoin

1) GetZen –
2) Pipeflare –
3) FaucetCrypto –
4) BC-Game –
5) NanoGames –
6) Betfury –
7) Allcoins –
8) Faucetpay –
9) Swissfaucet –
10) Idle Empire –

In order to make good profits, it’s highly recommended to start compounding and earning interest on your assets. The platform that doesn’t require KYC i mentioned on the video is Midas Investments –

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